Vector Fasteners offers a large range of customized fasteners with assured quality and cost

Vector Fasteners, is a well established Company in Northern India, Punjab with an enviable track record in supply of Industrial Fasteners to both the engineering and construction Industry markets. Along with its Parent Company, RMI Tools India, the “Group” companies provide a true “One Stop Shop” for your fasteners requirements. The company provides a total supply package, right from manufacturing and sourcing along with picking, packing & labeling to export standards with all necessary and completed documentation, resulting in tangible time and cost saving.

Our product ranges is forever evolving and we perform our best in order to produce every product with full effort and hard work.

  • Range of Bolt, Screws & Rivets
  • Security Fasteners
  • Fence Fitting
  • Gate Fittings & Accessories
  • Solar Panel Brackets
  • Trailer Parts & Fitings

Reliable Service

Our dependable professional services begin from manufacturing, sourcing, picking, packing, labeling to export standards till full completion of export documents.

Quality Fasteners

Being certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards, we are able to provide a seamless, efficient and quality approach to the entire product realization process.


With the combined experience of more than a decade, our fully trained staff will handle all sorts of your technical related questions just by the click of a button.


As an extremely honest and trustworthy team, we regard ourselves with integrity to provide you the best possible advice, price and service at all the times.

Why choose us?

Quality Products

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it, it is what the client or customer gets out of It.” as said by Peter Drucker. At Vector Fasteners, we offer complete Chemical, Physical and Letters of Compliance certification upon your request. The order when into production, it goes through our Quality Assurance Program which ensures the product of being remained as of the utmost quality. Being certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards, both our product and service form the core of our business policies.

Fast Delivery

Following in the footsteps of our own quality products, we believe that every small act of rising is powerful and essential and our choice to work hard with dignity, our clients’ choose to partner with us, and with their choice to support us it has put weight and another dent in those big numbers of our product reaching the ultimate client. We believe that each package delivered results in each party being satisfied and for that vote of confidence it boosts our reason to rise and shine.

Customer Support

Our Support services are made up of the following elements, Communications, with new technologies, social media websites it is now easily possible to communicate with the clients electronically and to inform them about our new products, sales or promotions. Convenience, our good support service dictates that we will be available to our customers, when it is convenient to the customer.Dependability, our service strategy ensures that the company is looking at all aspects of the business to give the customer a feeling of dependability.

Best Packaging

We are proud of ourselves to be able to provide full service and support for everything we manufacture. We serve our partners with the premium packaging solutions and to meet the needs of our customers, we have well adhered to the policy of providing reliable, efficient service of packaging to every item we sell.


Our associations with multiple certifications make us the value of being the customers’ ultimate choice. As an ISO 9001 Certified Company for Quality management systems, we are also certified for TS 16949 and are a process driven company. For the production of automotive fasteners.